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Yim Guechsè was born on November 20, 1946 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is an Cambodian poet and novelist who lives in Berlin, Germany.

Life and Work

Yim Guechsè went in 1971 to the German Democratic Republic, where he studied linguistics at the Karl-Marx-Universität in Leipzig. In 1976, he moved to West Berlin und studied library science at the Freie Universität Berlin until 1981.

Hun Sen Leng Bay-khom 02

The Poem "Hun Sen Leng Bay Khom

Yim Guechsè writes in Khmer. Only a few of his poems were translated into German, French and Spanish. In his works he treats the social problems in Cambodia with many references to the Khmer tradition. His major works are "Ramayana in the Dreams" (1970), "A Decade of Dreams" (1982), "Goodbye, Rose of Phnom Penh" (1986), "Life Against the Stream" (1987) and "Creep Among the Life" (1987), "Kolab, the Cambodian" (1988), and "Shared Life" (1990). Yim Guechsè is a member of the Studiengemeinschaft Kambodschanische Kultur e. V. From 1986 to 2003, he was co-editor of the magazine "Kambodschanische Kultur".

In 2008, Yim Guechsè wrote the poem Hun Sen Leng Bay Khom, in which he compares Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, to a cheating Bay Khom player. Bay Khom is a Cambodian mancala game mostly played by children.

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Translated from the German Wikipedia article, "Yim Guechse", used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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