The game of Awechec exist in two versions :

- Standart Awechec is a meta-game : The game of Awele serve to define the variant of chess to play

- synchronous Awechec is a crossover of the game of Awele and the game of Chess

The principle is : Gaining seeds give rights to move on the chessboard.

The rules are not very complicated. One need also to know the rules of Awele (most standard version of Mancala games originated from the Ivory coast) and the rules of chess.

To know everything about the game : rules, openings, tactics, strategy, endgames, and so on : look at my bilingual website (in French and in English) :

For the fun, you can begin with the page :

I am interested in the organization of tournaments of Awechec

Enjoy yourself

Olivier Dubuis

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