Other Names: Awechec (French)
Inventor: Olivier Dubuis, 2009
Variant of Oware and Chess
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Switzerland

Synchronous Awarichess is a varant of the standard game. It was created by Olivier Dubuis who lives in Lausanne (Switzerland).


The only difference between standard Awarichess and synchronous Awarichess is that in the latter game powers are not accumulated. On the contrary, each seed that is taken in the game of Awele is converted at once into chess moves . So the phases of playing Awele and Chess quickly succeed one another.

Synchronous Awarichess puzzleEdit

The position on the mancala board and the Chessboard is shown below.

South has the move on the Awele board and White is to move next on the chessboard


How can South-White win.



And we have 9 powers for White.


(1=W) Qb2 (2=W) 0
(3=W) Kb1 (4=W) 0
(5=W) Kc2 (6=W) 0
(7=W) Qc3+ Kd5 (8=W) Qa5
(9=W) 0


...d, Ce, Df,

Famine and then 2 powers for White

(1=W) Qxb5


and North-Black resigns.

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© Olivier Dubuis
Under the CC by-sa 2.5 license.

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