Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain (1866-1925) was the first and is still the most distinguished Caribbean woman to study Africa and womankind. She studied in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Kingston (Jamaica) und Paris (France). After her doctorate she became an assistant of Professor Malinowski at London University.

Comhaire-Sylvain also did research on several mancala games, e.g. Kay in Haiti and Mangola in the Congo.


Comhaire-Sylvain wrote 10 monographs and over 200 scientific articles. The following is a list of her books:

  • Le Créole haïtien, morphologie et syntaxe. Imprimerie de Meester, Wetteren (Belgium) & Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 1936.
  • Les Contes haïtiens, Origine immédiate et extension. Imprimerie de Meester, Wetteren (Belgium) & Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 1937.
  • Contes du pays d'Haïti. Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 1938.
  • Le Roman de Bouki. Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 1939.
  • Food and Leisure among Congo Children in Léopoldville. Cape Town (South Africa) 1950.
  • Femmes de Kinshasa, hier et aujourd'hui. Mouton, Paris (France) 1968.
  • Qui mange avec une femme, contes zaïrois et haïtiens. Ceeba, Bandundu (Zaïre) 1973.
  • Jetons nos couteaux, contes des garconnets de Kinshasa avec parallèles haïtiens. Ceeba, Bandundu (Zaïre) 1974.

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Comhaire-Sylvain, S.
Jeux Congolais. In: Zaire: Revue Congolaise (Bruxelles) 1952; 6 (4): 351-362.


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