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Suicide Mancala or Give-away Mancala is a meta-game, which was first suggested by Ralf Gering (Germany) on November 6, 2010. It was inspired by Suicide Checkers. The reason why suicide variants didn't develop earlier is that capturing is not mandatory in most mancala games. Exceptions are Bao la Kiswahili, Kisolo, and Afrika). If, however, mandatory captures are introduced, the suicide rule can be applied to many mancala games to create new variants. Examples, which had been playtested are Toguz Poddavki and Dracala (Give-away Kalah). The games tend to be shorter than the original games.


The first player who captures more than half of the seeds loses.

Sometimes additional rules are necessary to get a functioning game, such as majority capture goes first or moves that result in bonus moves must be preferred over other moves.

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