Strip Mancala is a party game and a meta-game of mancala where players remove clothing when they lose a round. Any form of mancala can be adapted to a strip form; however, it is usually played with simple variants with few moves. The game ends when a player is completely nude.

In America, a popular adaption is Strip Kalah. It was recommended to you use less seeds per hole or to use a shorter board with only four holes per row to have quicker games.

Strip Mancala can be played by single-sex groups or by mixed groups in social situations and intended to generate an atmosphere of fun, and to lighten the social atmosphere by the removal of clothing. Sometimes the game is played to heighten the sexual atmosphere.

"And then Electra and Hamlet (who I'm fairly sure is Vincent in disguise...) played strip mancala, which was hilarious."

Gren Eckener (2005)

Strip Variants of Other Games

Many other games besides Mancala have "strip" variants. In particular, Strip Poker and Strip Mahjong are quite popular. Actually Strip Poker might be the first stripping game (the term attested since 1929) and might have inspired the other variants.

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