Mutesa I

Mukaabya of Buganda (c. 1837 – October 19 1884) better known by his royal name Mutesa I, was Kabaka of Buganda from October 1856 until his death. During his reign Buganda was visited by Catholic and Anglican Christian missionaries. Mutesa resisted Christianity, largely because the missionaries urged him to ban polygamy. Mutesa himself had many wives. Mutesa was also interested in the growing religion of Islam and, according to the accounts of some Muslim princes, he almost converted yet he did not as the Muslim community of Buganda rejected him due to his refusal to circumcise.

Mutesa was visited by John Hanning Speke and James Augustus Grant in February 1862 during the explorers' search for the source of the Nile river (The White Nile).

Mutesa's favorite pastime was Omweso, a four-rank mancala game.


Adapted from the Wikipedia article "Mutesa I",, used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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