Mkomwe is a kind of 1D automaton including duration, which forms polyphony. It was created by the Japanese sound artist, improviser, composer and performer Takmi Ikeda (1975- ) in 2008. According to the artist Mkomwe was inspired by mancala games from Africa.

Takmi Ikeda who was born near Tokyo graduated from Tamagawa University in 1998. In 2001, he took part in the 6th Wangsan International Culture Art Festival in Korea. His electro-acoustic work "Mkomwe" was created in 2008. A second version called "Flora" was released in 2009. Mkomwe is the Swahili name for the Gray Nickernut (Caesalpinia bonduc), whose seeds are used in many African mancala games including Bao (Tanzania), Katra (Madagascar), and Oware (Western Africa).

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