Micro-Wari → German.

Inventors: Assia Popova &
André Deledicq, 1977
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: France

Micro-Wari was invented by Assia Popova (a Bulgarian) and André Deledicq (a French) in 1977. This game is one of the smallest mancala games in existence.


Micro-Wari is played on a board of 2x2=4 holes. Initially there is one seed in each hole. A player "owns" the row of holes closest to him.


Initial Position

At his turn a player empties one of his holes and distributes its contents in an counterclockwise direction. After a single lap the move is finished.

A player captures the last seed he is distributing if it is dropped into an empty hole of the opponent.

When a player has no seeds to move at his turn the game is over and his opponent captures the remaining seeds.

The player who won most seeds is declared the winner.


Deledicq, A. & Popova, A. 
Wari et Solo: Le Jeu de Calcul Africain. Cedic, Paris (France) 1977, 162-176.


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By: Ralf Gering
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