Recognized TournamentsEdit

So far, there are few official tournaments in the United States. There are certainly local level tournaments, but the only nationally recognized tournaments are the United States Mancala Tournament (USMT) and the United States Junior Mancala Tournament (USJMT).

United States Mancala TournamentEdit

The United States Mancala Tournament (page needed?) was started in 2012 by Mr. Garry Anderson and Judy Denham as an opportunity for adults over 18 to compete on a national level in mancala. The original prize given was $500, and there was a $10 fee to enter the tournament. In 2013, the tournament was taken over by Dr. Peter Bachmann and Wolfgang Jeltsch, and they have organized the commitee from then on. The fee to enter was raised to $15 in 2014.

United States Junior Mancala TournamentEdit

The Junior Tournament is an addition onto the United States Mancala Tournament, more commonly known as the USJMT. The tournament was composed of award-winning youth from across the country, who completed an application form as well as placing locally or in state tournaments, ages 9-18. ==The junior tournament ranks participents in the same way as the USMT does, in first place, second place, third place, and then four runner ups

Further Tournaments and Opportunities Edit

Many local clubs have organized mancala leagues that send representatives to the USMT and USJMT. Look to your school or bulletin board for futher opportunities. If there aren't any there. Too bad. Maybe next year. LOL

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