There were several mancala tournaments at MSO Cambridge (Mindsports Olympiad Cambridge) in the early 2000s. Competitions were held in Bawo (the Malawian variant of Bao la Kiswahili), Oware and Omweso. MSO Cambridge is independent from the larger Mind Sports Olympiad, which was founded by David Levy and headquarted in London.

Results of the Main Tournament

Year Date Game Medallists
2001 May 6 Omweso 1 Paul Smith (UK)
2 Geoff Hubbard (UK)
3 Alex Selby (UK), William Brooks (UK), Konrad Scheffler (South Africa)
2002 (?) Bawo 1 Dan Brockington (UK)
2 Hudson Kyagaba (Uganda), Paul Smith (UK)
3 Brian Wernham (UK)
2002 (?) Omweso 1 Hudson Kyagaba (Uganda)
2 Paul Smith (UK)
3 Brian Wernham (UK)
2002 (?) Oware 1 Xavier Blanvillain (France)
2 Virgine Catala (France)
3 Hudson Kyagaba (Uganda)
2003 (?) Bawo 1 Prince Paul Walugembe (Uganda)
2 James Mawejje (Uganda), Paul Smith (UK)
3 Arthur Dean (UK)
2003 (?) Omweso 1 Hudson Kyagaba (Uganda)
2 Leo Kento (Uganda)
3 Ismail Kasoma (Uganda)
2003 (?) Oware 1 Blaise Joly (France)
2 Joseph Magezi (Uganda)
3 Paul Smith (UK)
2004 (?) Bawo 1 Daxon Masiyano (Malawi)
2 Zang Chimombo (Malawi), Paul Smith (UK)
3 James Peres (Malawi)
2004 (?) Oware 1 Paul Smith (UK)
2 Geoff Hubbard (UK)
3 Ben Pridmore (UK)

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