Mancala board of Abd-al-Rahman's daughter → Portuguese.

The Museo de Burgos (Spain) has a mancala board from the San Domingo de Silos monastery. It belonged to a daughter of Abd-al-Rahman III (891-961), the emir (912-929) and first caliph (929-961) of Cordoba.

The board is shaped like a modern "pencil" board, ie. it is folded along the longest axis and, when closed, it is cylindrical. The board is made of ivory and metal. It has two rows of five pits that are very close to the edge. The board is 46.5 cm long, while each pit is 9 cm wide.


Board - Open


Board - Closed

The inventory number of the board is 244 according to Silva Santa-Cruz. It is considered a "game box" ("estuche de juegos") by the museum.

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