See also Mancala Games (critical review).

The book Mancala Games, by Larry Russ, was first published by Reference Publications, Inc. in 1984. Marlowe & Company issued a second edition in 1995 under the title The Complete Mancala Games Book: How to Play the World's Oldest Board Games, and a third one in 1999/2000, thus making it the most successful book on mancala games ever. The author is a mathematician and Dean of Undergraduate Academics at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA).

"This book helped to get me interested in mancala games, and it has a huge collection of references which I would never have been able to find any other way. It is also very nicely presented."

Paul Smith (July 28, 2004)


The newer editions feature a foreword by Alexander Johan de Voogt and contain descriptions and rules for almost a hundred two-row, three-row and four-row games on 141 pages. The book also includes nice colour pictures of mancala boards and an index of games, people who play and geographical locals.


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