Mancala Bohnanza → German.

Mancala Bohnanza is a meta-game suggested by Clark D. Rodeffer on June 1, 2006. It was generalized from Awele Bohnanza.

Most mancala games are played with counters, which have equal value. These games can be modified by attributing a particular value to seeds, which can be positive, zero or even negative. Special rules can be added to determine the order in which the seeds must be distributed, for instance that the most precious seeds must be sown last or the negative counters first. A similar scoring system exists in Banan-Cala, the Glass Bead Game and Rondell. Royal Mancala can be regarded as a special case of Mancala Bohnanza.

The Bohnanza rule can be used in all mancala games in which players attempt to win most points.


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