The Junior Tournament is an addition onto the United States Mancala Tournament, more commonly known as the USJMT. The tournament on May 4-7, 2016 marked the fourth year of USJMT, however it was the fifth anniversary of the United States Mancala Tournament. The tournament was composed of award-winning youth from across the country, who completed an application form as well as placing locally or in state tournaments, ages 9-18.


Participents playing in the first USJMT in June of 2013

The junior tournament ranks participents in the same way as the USMT does, in first place, second place, third place, and then four runner ups. The first year of USJMT,  Scott ("Scotty") Coleman (Texas) took first place, followed by Irene Wyatt (Idaho), and in third was David Sherman (Maryland).

In 2014, the conference continued to be held in the same location as USMT, at Department of Computer Studies in Shawnee State University. The participents also got a tour of the university. John McLaughlin (Maryland) took first, Carol Cantin (Washington) took second, and Rylee Neumann (Virginia) took third.

In 2015 Erwin Gibson (New York) took first place, Valerie Ritter (Michigan) took second, and Deana Penniman (Georgia) took third. This has been the record time of a final game so far, coming in a 2 minutes, 1 second.

In 2016 Sam Cardenas (New York) took first place, Robert Wise (Massachusetts) took second and John Chi took third.

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