Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe → Italian.

Karoli Lwanga and his followers

Joseph Mukasa and his companions

Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe (1860-November 15, 1885) was the Katikkiro (prime minister) during the reign of Mutesa I and Mwanga II and the best Omweso player of the 19th century. Mukasa is also recognized as a martyr and saint by the Catholic Church. Early in his reign, the new king Mwanga began to crack down on Christian missionaries and converts in his country, and executed the British Anglican bishop James Hannington and his companions on October 29, 1885. Mukasa rebuked him for the deed, and Mwanga had him arrested and beheaded and his body burned. His duties were assumed by the young catechist Charles Lwanga. Mukasa is remembered as first of the Martyrs of Uganda.

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