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Jama Musse Jama is a Somali ethnomathematician who studied Layli Goobalay (a mancala game) and Shax (a Morris variant). He was born in Hargeise, Somaliland, in 1967. Jama became a refugee and now works at Pisa University, Italy. He also is a human rights activist. His book Gobannimo bilaash maaha ("Liberty isn't for free", 2007) has been called the best book of the year in Somali language by the Somali Women's Agenda.


Jama Musse Jama
Shax: the Preferred Game of Our Camel-Herders and Other Traditional African Entertainments. SUN MOON LAKE, Rome (Italy), 2000.
Jama Musse Jama
Layli Goobalay: Variante Somala del Gioco Nazionale Africano. Ponte Invisibile Edizioni, REDSEA-ONLINE Publishing Group, Pisa (Italy) 2002.
Jama Musse Jama
A Note on "My Teachers's Group": News report of an injustice. Ponte Invisibile Edizioni, Pisa (Italy) 2003.
Jama Musse Jama
Gobannimo bilaash maaha. Ponte Invisibile Edizioni, Pisa (Italy) 2007.
Jama Musse Jama
Geesi boqra - Sheeko iyo shaahid, kowaad. Ponte Invisibile Edizioni, Pisa (Italy) 2009.

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