The following is a collection of Hus-related terms and expressions recorded in Namibia.

Nama - EnglishEdit

to capture (Wagner 1917)
(lit. "cow(s)") seed(s) (Schmidt 1974/75)
mystical inventor of ||hūs (1) (Schmidt 1974/75)
||hūs (pl. ||hūti)
("hole", perhaps obsolete for "cloud"; or derived from: ||Ghu the honorative of !Khû, which means "lightning") 1. the game of ||hūs; 2. playing pit (Schultze 1907)
to move, to sow (Schmidt 1974/75)
(lit. "he runs away") a strategic maneuver, in which a player tries to move his gomate to his back row to safety (Wagner 1917)
(lit. "to hit him on the head") to capture all opponent's gomate in a few succeeding moves (Wagner 1917)
(from xóros, "to dig" or from khòro-||ams, "cattle stealing"; maybe related to the East African choro): old name for ||hūs (1) (Schmidt 1974/75)



"Fight!" - Shouted by spectators as an incentive. (Schmidt 1974/75)

"||khâu to go gomate."

"I shot the cows with bow and arrow." - Said after a successful capture. (Schmidt 1974/75)


"Run towards him!" - Advice in an endgame fight. (Schmidt 1974/75)


"Dodge!" - To prevent the capture of gomate. (Schmidt 1974/75)

"U ta go ge sa gomate."

"I have taken your cows!" - Said after a capture. (Schmidt 1974/75)


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Aus Namaland und Kalahari: Bericht an die Kgl. Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin über einer Forschungsreise im westlichen und zentralen Afrika, ausgeführt in den Jahren 1903-1905 von Leonhard Schultze. G. Fischer, Jena (Germany) 1907: 313-315.
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