This article will be quite useful for those Internet users who want to try esports bets services, but know a little or nothing about them. First of all, any beginner should know that making bookings on online games is almost identical to usual sport or casino betting, but it has some certain specifics.
The main recommendation for beginners is to test the service using play money (they also can be named as virtual or game money). Some bookmakers as, for instance, Egaming Bets provide their customers such option. It is a good opportunity to practice or even accumulate a set of bonuses without losing of real money. However, such play money cannot be withdrawn from an account as real money. Therefore, in order to test the service you just need to register and ask for play money. In addition, some bookmakers offer special bonuses for those who play much with game money.
When a user gets enough practice, he or she can start making real esports bets using its own deposits. But in this case a bettor can withdraw money from an account in case of winning using Webmoney, Visa account or any other payment system. If a website user has any technical problems, he can contact, for instance, client support team to resolve the issue. Besides, on the website of Egaming Bets there is the online chat for registered users that operates 24 hours, video instruction guide and the section of frequently asked questions.
The most popular games for esports bets are Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota2, StarCraft2. All bettors have a chance to monitor the results of these games both in online and offline mode. On the Egaming Bets you will find all necessary information and statistics needed to make bookings. There you can also read more about these services.

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