Drunken Mancala is an adult party board game, in which players are forced to drink.

A suggested adaption is Drunken Kalah. It can also be combined with Strip Kalah to have an even greater time. Besides, there are many other games too combining mental stimulation with the killing of brain cells, such as Drunken Chess and Drunken Checkers.

"We played drunken mancala. Loser takes a shot, but you take a shot before you start playing. That was a lot of fun. It was my first time taking a real shot and it sucked. I need it watered down. So, I took 2 shots out of a martini glass."

Kate aka "jainafel" (2005)


The game is played with normal rules except for the following differences:

  • Each counter is represented by a drink off- the board. These could be small shotglasses which hold 1.5oz – 3oz of drink filled with Gin, Vodka or Tequila) or bigger cups in the 5oz – 8oz range filled with beer for heavy drinkers. If the players are light drinkers, the shotglassed can be filled with beer, wine, or wine coolers.
  • Whenever a player drops a seed in his store or captures, he makes his opponent drink.

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