The following is a collection of Congkak-related terms and expressions recorded in Southeast Asia.

Malay - EnglishEdit

(lit.: "child"; short for:) lubang anak
anak-anak buah
(lit.: "children fruit") tamarind seeds (counters in Malaysia)
buah gorek
seeds of Caesalpinia bonducella used as counters (Javanese term)
buah kelichi
seeds of Caesalpinia bonducella (Malacca)
(unclear etymology, but believed to originate from old Malay "congak", meaning "mental calculation) a popular mancala game played in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
(lit. "cowrie") Indonesian term for congkak
(lit. "mother") Indonesian term for rumah
Istiadat Malam Berjaga-jaga
royal ceremonies in Brunei during which Congkak is played
spelling variant of kampung'
(lit.: village; short for:) lubang kampung
lubang anak
(lit. "child hole") Indonesian term for lubang kampung
lubang kampung
(lit. "village hole") the (usually) seven smaller holes, which are initially filled with seeds
lubang rumah
(lit. "house hole") large storeholes at either end of the board
main congkak
(lit.: "congkak game") see congkak
(lit. "dead") sowing the last seed into an empty hole (but not the store)
mati bela
(lit. "sacrifice") capturing by opposition
mati kena abu
all holes are terbakar at the end of a match
mati sa-papan
(lit. "dead board") empty row
naik rumah
sowing, in which a seed is dropped in the player's store or rumah
papan congkak
(lit. "Congkak board") game board used for playing Congkak
a mythical bird sometimes carved at the head of the papan congkak
(lit.: "house"; short for:) lubang rumah
(lit. "burnt") Indonesian term for terbakar
(lit. "burnt") hole, which cannot be (completely) filled with seeds in the following round
telaga buruk
(lit. "ruined well") see "terbakar"

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