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Condi Mancala was inspired by Condi Chess.

Hans Bodlaender wrote about this Chess variant:

"Orthodox Chess master Julius Arnas is running a camping, called Camping La Rochade, in Naujac sur Mer, in the Medoc area in France. The camping is special because, except for the usual things one can find at a camping, it also has many opportunities to play Chess. It is sometimes visited by grandmasters, there are Chess tournaments, chess training (in French) etc. One of the events that is regularly held is Condi Chess - a combination of Chess and physical exercise. The rules of Condi Chess are simple: the game is played like Speed Chess (10 minutes per player for the entire game), but the clock is twelve meters away from the board - so after every move, the player must run to the clock."

Ralf Gering suggested in 2006 that the same meta-rule can be applied to Kalah, Oware, Hawalis and many other mancala games, old and new ones. This funny rule could add excitement if played with children and teenagers.

It must be still found out if the rule works well, as most mancala games are not played with game clocks, and the playing time per move is usually shorter than in Chess.

The condi rule is not possible in 55Stones or the Filipino game of Agsinnoninka because moves are performed simultaneously in these games.

Another possibility to combine mancala games with physical sport is Mancala Boxing which would be similar to Chess Boxing.


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