Porsche and Rachel playing Mancala

Big Brother 13 was the thirteenth season of the American reality television series, Big Brother. It began airing on July 7, 2011, on CBS and Showtime 2, and concluded on September 14, 2011. The format of the program remained largely unchanged from previous seasons: a group of contestants, referred to as HouseGuests, were enclosed in the Big Brother House under the surveillance of cameras and microphones. Each week, the HouseGuests voted to evict one of their own until two HouseGuests remained on finale night. Julie Chen hosted the season premiere, evictions, and the season finale. The HouseGuests were competing to win a $500,000 grand prize with a $50,000 prize offered to the runner up. The season was promoted as "The Summer of Double Trouble".

Four houseguests were playing mancala with a homemade game using jelly beans.

Houseguests playing mancala
Name Age Occupation Hometown
Porsche Briggs 23 Cocktail Waitress Miami Beach, Florida
Daniele Donato 25 College Student Huntington Beach, California
Rachel Reilly 27 Event Hostess Las Vegas, Nevada
Kalia Booker 30 Writer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Some Mancala ScenesEdit

  • On July 22, Porsche and Rachel played mancala in the HoH room while they were talking about Dick, Daniele and Brenchel.
  • On July 23, Daniele and Rachel played mancala on a Chess board, using jellybeans in place of pebbles.
  • On July 25, Rachel was doing dishes, Porsche and Kalia were at the table playing mancala. Rachel sayid they couldn't talk while they were playing it because they couldn't be heard over the noise of the game.
  • On July 26, Rachel, Porsche and Kalia were playing mancala with the Rice Krispies box again. Daniele was watching them play.

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