Awele Bohnanza → German.

Awele Bohnanza
Inventor: Silvano Sorrentino, 2006
Variant of Oware
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Italy

Awele Bohnanza was first described by Silvano Sorrentino in the Italian game magazine "GiocAreA OnLine" in 2006. It is a variant of Oware, a traditional mancala game, which was changed by adding a simple rule. The same type of modification can be used for many different mancala games (see Mancala Bohnanza).

The game is named after the German card game Bohnanza, which was designed by Uwe Rosenberg in 1997.


The game differs from Oware only in the following:

  • Initially there is a red bean (a red marble or any other distinguishable seed) in each hole, besides three 'normal' seeds.
  • If the contents of a hole that are distributed include red beans, these are sown last.
  • A red bean is worth two points.


Sorrentino, S. 
Scacchi, Dama, Awele, Go: Rivanghiamo quattro classici da tavolo. In: GiocAreA OnLine #20 - June 2006.

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