Inventor: Gregory David
Schotanus, 1987
Ranks: Six by Six
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Gretrix was invented in 1987 by Gregory David Schotanus in the USA. He lives in Plymouth, Iowa. The name of the game is protected by the U.S. Copyright Office (Registration Number: TX-2-109-413).

Gretrix is an excellent cross-over between mancala and Dots-and-Boxes.


Gretrix is a two-dimensional sowing game that is played on a square board divided into 6 x 6 large square holes. At the corners of each hole there is a small round pit. All together there are 36 holes and 49 pits.

The game can be played by 2 - 4 players. At the start each player has one of his marbles in each hole, while the pits are still empty.

The holes can contain up to four marbles, while a pit is just big enough to hold one marble.

At his turn a player picks up the contents of a hole, which must contain at least one of his own marbles and distributes them contiguously, one by one, in a snake-like pattern into other holes.

  • The direction of sowing may be changed as often as you want, but each time only orthogonally.
  • A hole may be only visited once.
  • It is not permitted to place a marble into a hole that had a marble dropped into during the last sowing.
  • After the player has sown his last marble in a hole, one marble is picked up from this hole and put up in an unoccupied pit at its corner.

Once a player has filled all four pits surrounding a hole, he captures the contents of that hole. The hole is then closed and forbidden to be entered in.

A player must move if he can. He must pass if he can't until he can move again.

At the end all marbles have been captured.

The player who captured more marbles wins the game.

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