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Alex Randolph (4 May 1922 - 10 May 2004) was a designer of more than 90 board games.

Randolph's game creations include TwixT (1957), Pankai (1961), Oh-Wah-Ree (1962), Inkognito (together with Leo Colovino, 1988), Raj (1988), Ricochet Robot (1999), and Enchanted Forest (with Michael Matschoss, 1981).
Alex Randolph-playing Twixt

Alex Randolph (right) playing Twixt with Christoph Endres

Personal and Early Life

Randolph was born in a ranch at the Colorado River in Arizona. He attended school as a Swiss boarder, studying Philosophy and Semantics.


Early Careers

Randolph spent many of his early years in various occupations, including military intelligence and as an advertising copy editor in Boston.

Game Developer

His first game was TwixT, which he designed as a paper-and-pencil game in the Café Hawelka in Vienna in 1957. His first published game, however, was a polymino game called Pankai in 1961.

In 1961, Randolph moved to Japan and became a professional game developer. During this time, he became a Shogi master.

Randolph moved to Venice, Italy, in 1968, continuing his career as a game developer.


Randolph died in Venice on 10 May 2004.


Spiel des Jahres

Game of the Year
1982 for Enchanted Forest
Children's Game of the Year
1989 for Gute Freunde
1997 for Leinen Los!
Special Awards
1996 Most Beautiful Game for Venice Connection
1988 Most Beautiful game for Inkognito

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